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Item # 2024-11-54, Ceramic Terminal Tubes for Starbar Heating Elements

The element terminal holes in the furnace walls must be in line and be large enough in size to prevent the element or terminal tube from being pinched at all furnace temperatures. Terminal tubes are optional but recommended for use with the SER and TSR elements and with fiber wall furnaces. Some furnaces have a potential problem o electrical conduction to ground. The ceramic terminal tubes have superior electrical resistance properties and can prevent this from occurring.

The tubes protect the furnace wall insulation and provide a constant clearance. They also are recommended in applications where product vapors may condense in the furnace terminal holes. This can cause the element to stick to the wall. When sticking the element may break from mechanical forces caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The tubes can prevent this from occurring, for if the element sticks to the tubes, the tubes can move.

When vapors depositing on the elements are a problem it is recommended that ceramic fiber pads be placed beneath the element cold ends and the terminal tubes where they enter the furnace.

Tucking ceramic fiber around the circumference of the element where it enters the terminal hole is also recommended to reduce heat losses from radiation and convection.

Standard Sizes
Terminal tubes are available for Starbar diameters 1/2" (13 mm) through 2-1/8" (54 mm) in a standard length of 4-1/8" (105 mm). Longer lengths available upon request.


Starbar Diameter

2.12 Inch

Tube Outer Diameter

3.00 Inch

Tube Inner Diameter

2.44 Inch

Tube Overall Length

4.12 Inch

Collar Diameter

3-3/4 Inch

Collar Thickness

0.38 Inch


Special OD, ID and Overall lengths available upon request.

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