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Item # item-1016, Plate Holder

Element Sizes 3/6, 4/9, and 6/12:
Held in place by a hex nut and slotted head machine screw, the plate holder consists of two ceramic plates, two pieces of ceramic fiber paper and a piece of high-temperature ceramic fiberboard. This fiberboard, referred to as a tab, is located between the ceramic plates. The length of the tab varies depending on the thickness of the furnace roof.

The insulating tab fills the opening from the top of the ceramic plates to the hot face of the furnace chamber. The tab seals and reduces the heat losses between the two element legs.

The main advantage of the plate holder is that the Moly-D elements can be installed from the outside of the furnace.

The plate holder can also be supported without the tab extending below the two plates. The "LL" dimension being zero. In this case, the furnace insulation should have two holes rather than a slot.


Moly D Le/Lu Diameter


Element Spacing (A)

25 mm

Plate Width (B)

36.6 mm

Tab Width (C)

19 mm

Tab Thickness (D)

6 mm

Overall Thickness (E)

23 mm

Tab Length (LL)

The LL (length of the tab) is determined by the thickness of the furnace walls. Also available with length of zero.


Plate holders are described by the element size, the "A" dimension, and the tab length. As an example, the part description for a 6/12 Moly-D element with an on center leg spacing (A) of 50 mm and furnace roof thickness of 100 mm would be a 6/12 Plate Holder, A=50, LL=100.


All Moly-D holders are in stock and can be shipped within one week after receipt of an order.

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